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FindLink aims to help Internet users from all over the world to Find Links about Greece fast and easy.

Using international search engines like Yahoo or Infoseek can be a tedious and frustrating task especially when trying to find information about a specific country.Their vast databases are difficult to search and users end up finding thousand or even millions of search results.

FindLink contains web sites with Greek content only, meaning that when searching for hotel in Greece you will not get results for hotels in Spain or USA !

While adding a web site to FindLink is easy, all sites are being reviewed and only those related to Greece are added. That is why almost all of the sites in our search and directory database are from the Greek domain ‘GR?and only a few from other domains like ‘COM?

FindLink has some useful features in addition to directory service and the search engine.

Other sites can be advertised in FidLink through banners. For details of how we can help your site get more visitors and our rates click here.

The random section is for real surfers, with just a click you will be transferred to a different site each time.

The awards section, if you are a wed developer and feel your site deserves an award for its design or content or just because you like it, you can apply for one here. If you are just a user it is worth browsing the best of Greek Internet.

We hope you will enjoy using FindLink and hope to hear from you soon.

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