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FindLink search tips

FindLink is designed to make searching easy. However there are some tips and oprtions that can make it easier for you find what you want.

  • Use keywords and not phrases when searching. For example when searching for a business in Athens which specializes in advertising, use “ business Athens advertising “ rather than “ a business in the city of Athens which specializes in advertising “.
  • If after a search you get to many results try using the search option “All words”. This works like the logical AND operator between the keywords you enter, meaning that for example when searching for “live radio Athens” it will generate results for web sites which include all words ( and not any of them ).
  • Do not use logic operators in the search. For example when searching for a web site about football or basketball, just enter “basketball football” and choose Any word for a logical OR between the keywords or All words for a logical AND between the keywords.
  • Note that some times webmasters submit their web sites using keywords in Greek language and characters, so when searching for sites related to “house” it might help to include the Greek word too e.g. “house óðéôé” .
  • FindLink is a search engine about Greece only. So when searching for a hotel in the city of Athens you should only use “hotel Athens” in the search field and not “hotel Athens Greece” since Greece is assumed by default.

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